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Superior cabinet, electronic lock ,card key lock(M1-211)

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Superior cabinet, electronic lock ,card key lock(M1-211)

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  • Release date:2016/08/30
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Sauna cabinet lock


 "TM10-"serise is a generation of cabinet locks by ZHONGSHAN JIEAN ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. Touch screen password and IC card are unlocking modes, password mode are  divided into a-one time password and fixed password. 


                                           FEATURES :


>> It can be set up single, double card, general card to open the door ;

>> Latch position (close enough) to detect,prying resistant alarm,block alarm ; 

>> Acousto-optic hint, low pressure alarm;

>> Emergency unlock way : External power supply emergency unlock or mechanical damage to      unlock;

>> Open mode : Automatic open the door and nonautomatic open the door;

>>  Latch was made of alloy, size 21*12mm, stronger and high resistance to pry;

>>  Circuit board has up to international standard, no aging and no wet;

>>  Imported ABS, no bubbles, no fading.

Applications : 

>> Touch Password keypad electronic Locker Locks are widely used in sauna centers, swimming pool, golf clubs, business club, gymnasium, hotel, and so on. 












The back of lock :




Model NameTM10-PG
Working VoltageDC6V
Batteries Liftime6 Months
Size Front Panel110*60*18mm
Alarm Voltage<4.6V
Static Power<8mA
Working Current20MA-PP
Working Environment-40 °C to+85 °C, humidity≤ 98% 
Antistatic+ 15 KV 
Door Width10~30mm
Back Of Lock Size(NO.1)125*65*25mm
Back Of Lock Size(NO.2)85*65*25mm


Packaging & Shipping


Neutral packing with tape.
carton size 570*340*320mm, 0.062CBM




 Sample: 1-3 days

Order: 3-10 days



Company Information


Zhongshan JIEAN Electronic Technology Co., Limited was set up in 2000. We mainly produce TM1990A (such as information card, electronic keys, and touch memory keys) EM4100,T5577,T5567,T5557 smart cards, and electronic cabinet locks, electronic door locks,magnetic locks,access control system and related products.   

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