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RFID card lock for cabinets, lockers, drawer, EM-10B,RF Card Lock,

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RFID card lock for cabinets, lockers, drawer, EM-10B,RF Card Lock,


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Sauna cabinet lock


Electronic cabinet lock,RFID swipe card cabinet locks (M1-10B):


 color to choose:



Electronic intelligent cabinet lock description:



lock tongue: wide and thick.

front panel: electroplating,

silver border and steel made of glass silver diagram+Zinc alloy

back lock body : plastic + spraying environmental paint

Size: front panel 115 * 52 * 20mm; the lock body 125 * 65 * 25mm

Weight: 220g

Operating voltage: 6V 

A set: front panel + lock body+ 1 pc key

Card key's functions:

1. Card type: RFID (ic card) smart card,duarable and sensitive touching.

    If you need ID card model:

2. Unlock ways: set single card or double cards to unlock or lock

3. Set card method: users can set different cards according to needs, use System card add, delete and change Management card, Waiter card and Guest card

4. Card class: four classes - System card, Management card, Waiter card, Guest card, easy to understand and operate.

5. Working Voltage: 4 pieces of AA (alkaline batteries)

Alarm: voltage lower than 4.6V

6. Emergency unlocking: linked external power supply to made it works when run out of batteries.


 Electronic intelligent cabinet lock  technical parameters:

Operating voltage: 6 V (or 4 AA batteries)

Sensing distance :> 2.5 cm

Static power consumption: <4 μA

Operating: <300 mA

Alarm Voltage: <4.6 V


For agencies, businesses, schools, hotels, supermarkets, filing cabinets, lockers, sauna cabinets, bath cabinets, bank loan, safe. 

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Electronic intelligent cabinet lock installation instruction:






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Packaging & Shipping  


Normally we will use UPS,DHL,FEDEX or EMS express.It usually takes 3-7 working days depending on the countries deliver to. We can also arrange other shipment way according to your requirement and instruction ,such as sea shipment,air shipment ,etc.


Warranty for one year,maintenance forever,change within 3 mounths because of product and quality.

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