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Break the glass door lock? Self-study removal methods of various kinds of glass door lock

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Break the glass door lock? Self-study removal methods of various kinds of glass door lock

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Every day we are used to the glass door lock when door of pass in and out, after all is the use of super frequently, we are not sure the glass door lock which day will be a failure, so we can learn from the glass door lock first how to in case of one thousand.

A split, spherical glass door lock

1, direction lock handle, in relatively small ministry has a small hole on the handle, with a stiff fine things (such as nail) in hard to resist, ball and pull the handle to pull out.

2, put the card on the door that the disc counter clockwise turn out, you will see, there are two screws, knife to remove tired silk, with a cross from relative to can pull out its outside.

3, is tired from the door lock core wire knife to remove two tired wire can be pulled.

Second, a hand lock how

1. The lock on the front panel fixed core to unscrew the screw, remove the lock core.

2, and then twist the panel on the rest of the two screws, 2 panel can take down;

3, screws on the door lock body side also turned down the good.

Third, put down the glass door lock

(1) the side door with phillips screwdriver first look up and see screw off;

Hand lever (2) and then take the panel, if change the lock, and then to protect the lock set down the two screws, and then bring protection lock set down;

(3) and then remove the side lock body (that is, the lock tongue side) on the lock screw, and then pull out the lock core. If lock is difficult, can use a screwdriver tapping to the end of the lock core, and then the lock core can be taken.

Handle glass door lock removal method is: first open handle, lock down again, then lock down the body. Can't see the screw where the panel to be removed. Behind them can see the screw down, then lock core is removed, the lock tongue dial back, can be opened.

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