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Stealth lock must have quality standards and safety requirements

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Stealth lock must have quality standards and safety requirements

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Is the god, all lock stealth lock installation must be correct operation, especially when installing the handle and panel to ban the use of paper, adhesive tape paste. Locks don't install when paint did not work on the door, otherwise it will cause surface damage, and time will be faded.

2, in use process, some of the zinc alloy and copper contact lock, installed on the door after a long time will find "spots", this phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belong to oxidation, if that happens, just wipe with surface spray wax can remove spots.

Three, general advice to choose stainless stealth lock.

Stealth lock, although is a commodity and small hardware, but it and the society has a very close relationship with people, relates to every family, units and the safety of the public. Lock is a very special commodity, has an extremely important relationship with safety. Therefore, whether domestic or foreign, lock industry are a set of strict quality standards and safety requirements.

At present, the situation has reflect market from technical supervision department detection, the quality of the locks on the market the good and bad are intermingled, the advantages and disadvantages coexist. Part of the enterprise, therefore, in order to covet market profits, with highly responsible attitude, ignore the product quality, will do not accord with standard of quality products to market, brings to the consumer life of trouble and distress, directly harm the interests of consumers.

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