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All Ann fingerprint anti-theft lock technology, huge market space

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All Ann fingerprint anti-theft lock technology, huge market space

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All Ann fingerprint anti-theft lock is a kind of carrier for human fingerprint recognition and means of smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware craft perfect crystal.

Fingerprint anti-theft lock, better security, can apply to standard security doors, and lock security doors with heaven and earth system of automatic or semi-automatic, does not affect the performance of the existing security doors. Products: national security doors and anti-theft lock base, anti-theft lock body mature development more mature.

Anti-theft performance is different, the market price also has difference, fingerprint anti-theft lock prices also different. Has the mechanical anti-theft function of fingerprint lock prices are higher than those ordinary fingerprint lock anti-theft function of heaven and earth. Therefore, consumption of choose and buy the fingerprint anti-theft lock, the first to choose corresponding lock according to your door.

Fingerprint anti-theft lock manufacturers facing the rapid growth of s electronic technology, intelligent technology forms derived from previous mechanical locks also. Electronics, science and technology feeling very intelligent locks for industry is a great revolution, have mushroomed, brought infinite hope to people, it will create a new lock industry.

All Ann fingerprint anti-theft lock the growing popularity of faster and faster, attracted a lot of sales agents. With the improvement of people's living level, whether manufacturers to develop good fingerprint anti-theft lock, or sales agents, in the new city, being good growth prospects.

All Ann fingerprint anti-theft lock is biological recognition technology, is the use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to identify a body, has the characteristics of irreplaceable, unable to replicate and uniqueness. Due to the biological recognition technology need of induction finger temperature, grain road, blood flow and other physical characteristics, fingerprint replication technology can only be successful in the movie, could not be achieved in the real society. The industry demand for fingerprint anti-theft lock resolution is 500 dpi.

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