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Choose good glass door lock To master the four methods

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Choose good glass door lock To master the four methods

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Every home without the door, and every door without matching the locks. A form a complete set of locks can make the function of the door to be more perfect, make the finishing point of the effect. But if a door unlocked, so security cannot be guaranteed, can be a lock is an indispensable part of the door. And in terms of glass door locks, door locks, passage locks, according to the use the bathroom lock, etc., according to the shape of ball lock, holding the hand lock, insert core lock, etc. According to utility cent door lock, lock bedroom, channel, lock, bathroom lock, etc.; According to the shape of ball lock, a hand stay lock, insert core lock, lock, etc. Ball lock and hold hand locks have locks, handles and touch the ball three functions. And stay to also install door handle lock.

This requires good glass door lock, what kind of match what kind of lock gate, but do you know how to pick locks? There is a wide variety of hardware locks are now on the market, style similar degree is high, make many ordinary consumers very headache. So how to choose good door hardware locks, lock experts to give you action, it is very important to grasp the following four look.

A, the glass door lock materials

The lock on the market basically divided into the stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and iron and so on several kinds of materials. These materials have the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, made lock is the best material, but the forging performance is bad, stainless steel glass door lock design and color is relatively single. Copper material mechanical performance is superior, the commonly used to make European high-grade door lock, and grades are high price. Zinc alloy has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, such as performance, easy to casting, and can design a lot of style and decorative pattern, many of them are the locks of the sell like hot cakes on the market at present is zinc alloy material. But due to the different ratio of zinc alloy and materials, and design process of casting process is different, the price difference is very big. Aluminum alloy and iron application is relatively small, aluminum alloy is mainly space, this kind of lock design is compared commonly simple, no decorative pattern design, iron class locks now less and less, basically belongs to the low end of the lock. Lock is more, the kinds of different materials and class locks all have, basically be to see your budget and style, choose a big brand, brand and quality are guaranteed.

Second, look at surface treatment of the locks

Surface of the glass door lock handle roughly divided into three kinds of electroplating, spray and shaded, locks by surface treatment in the form a layer of dense protective film on the surface of the product, have the effect of corrosion and rust, to lock more beautiful and durable. Dense protective film is also a measure of quality of locks, good quality glass door lock, adopt more plating processing, plating, exquisite and smooth, even moderate, bright color, no bubble, signs of rust and oxidation. Such as tino hardware products are after plating process and the polishing process, moderate salt fog test or 48 hours, 200 hours of low salt fog test, to ensure product surface is not due to the use and time spots and oxidation rust on it.

Third, look at the key

Many different kinds of keys, general component is A key word (normal Angle keys and key), cross key, computer keys, cylindrical keys, such as different configuration key lock key is not the same, ordinary word keys and cross key configuration lock price is relatively cheap, but with poor performance, belongs to the class A door lock. As anti-theft performance is lower, the public security department publicity of class B and class C is used, the two kinds of door lock manufacturing process is higher, the more complex the key pattern of imitation of the smaller the chance of success, if must rely on the password with a new key card to the designated professional body to match the key, greatly improve the security performance.

Four, the glass door lock standards

Overseas for hardware locks are very strict standards and regulations, so the quality of imported products is relatively high. We can use the hand feeling the stand or fall of the locks. In general, the feeling is heavy lock, quality is relatively high; Lock body can't dew point, dew point easy to hurt, especially should pay attention to the glass door lock handle and lock body, lock tongue at the end three locations in the four corners.

Lock spring good locks open flexible, high sensitivity, the service life is longer. Locks there are a variety of styles, it is important to note that consistent with indoor door style.

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