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Stealth locks for traditional mechanical lock, what are the advantages?

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Stealth locks for traditional mechanical lock, what are the advantages?

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In today for safe and convenient environment that occupy the home today, safety performance is low mechanical lock, have apparently does not conform to the requirements of The Times. In addition, the traditional property management and security companies, can only play a role of the most basic security patrol, to truly realize the safe, convenient, intelligent residential life, need more intelligent technology security products.

According to lock god investigation, the current domestic market of lock products is multifarious, main stealth lock, mechanical lock, induction lock, combination lock, fingerprint lock, the function principle of each product and technology are not the same. Mechanical lock is the lowest locks, technical content is currently use most locks, every family in use, the key is the only normally open tools. Induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, such as hotel, hotel, etc. Combination lock is many enterprises manage the gating's right-hand man, and the mechanical lock is one of the most popular in recent years, can be applied to each field of guard against theft safety coefficient of the highest.

So, compared with the traditional mechanical locks, stealth locks have what advantage, can well meet the needs of consumers?

1, locks open more secure. Mechanical lock need to open a door with the key, therefore, inserted into the keyhole opening part must be exposed, this also let the thief had to. And different from the mechanical lock, mechanical lock only need to use remote control, open the door, he collection as a whole is not exposed innovation without hole panel electronic door lock, so don't worry about being a thief malicious damage, let users more at ease.

2, locks operation more convenient, mechanical lock need contact way to complete the switch lock, this should make careless and forgetful old man confused and trouble. And different from the mechanical lock, mechanical lock is by remote control, rolling code remote control copy-prevention safer. In addition with voice function, has voice prompt when open close the door, it is good to solve the above problem.

3, locks function more diversity, mechanical lock is a lock independently, a lot of restrictions in terms of use. And different from the mechanical lock, mechanical lock can docking building control system, support a variety of door lock device without touching, can also be equipped with touch screen password panels or charge, other functions exist at the same time.

All lock god do a reassure users really use a good lock, "create security top products" this is all lock god's sacred duty. Born joy, marriage in peace, sweet, aging, the home is our consistent belongs; Delicious food, watch the lights, friendly family, home is always our expectations. And anti-theft door lock brands leading brands - all lock god ji with the security guard every home, waiting for each of the human body free space, all lock god every science and technology innovation and change, carry home more warm. Ordinary locks, reflected the stealth anti-theft door lock for the development of the society sense of responsibility and care for the equality of each and every one.

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