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What brand of stealth lock the safest? Let the thief do not know how to start

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What brand of stealth lock the safest? Let the thief do not know how to start

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Buy stealth lock, want to consider security, practicability, price, appearance, brand, and so on various factors. But to guard against theft is one of the most important. Lock is god's invisible lock, is installed in the indoor, outside can't see, thieves do not know how to start.

The security capability is the best. Under the following to introduce all stealth lock lock god five features:

Features a humanized design safety first

1, without hole panel design, the thief can't find the lock is incapable, ensure the safety of users family property.

2, USES the rolling code remote control, the United States add password technology, safe and reliable proof copy.

Characteristics of guaranteed working properly

3, dry and rechargeable batteries work independently at the same time, the double circuit, double system standby at the same time.

4, with USB charging treasure charging function and external door lock unlock alarm signal, low voltage, low voltage, and other functions.

5, the whole voice prompt lock state, has the voice of the national language, English, Spanish can choose Settings

Features three lock body strong powerful functions

6, the whole lock metal structure, durable, weighs 1.8 KG

7, using imported motor driven, reliable noise.

8, cabin door intercom system interface, can the entrance guard controller.

Characteristics of four convenient installation wide applicability

9, the floor installation, no matter what material security doors; Regardless of left and right, inside and outside the door direction; A single, two-door or rugged frame and the door can be installed.

More than five select configuration characteristics to meet different needs

10, optional locks stainless steel blade, stainless steel outside the password, the password, credit card, remote control, mechanical emergency lock mode, etc.

11, the optional mounting bracket: door and door frame uneven cases used to adjust the height; Doorcase decoration edge: not convenient door buckle, can be installed directly on the door opening.

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