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All Ann technology about fingerprint anti-theft lock market opportunity, after the completion of the open area

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All Ann technology about fingerprint anti-theft lock market opportunity, after the completion of the open area

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About "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on further strengthening the construction of urban planning management work of several opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion") file printing has in the past two months, but the voice of the public outcry. Although most experts, scholars, and the owner all know the open area is completed for the good of city development and People's Daily travel, but for a long time, with walls to defend the idea of home security in the public has been deeply rooted in the heart, after the demolition of walls, how to ensure the safety of housing is a realistic problem in front of everyone.

In the process of the debate, there is a voice by everybody attention: use security products to ensure the safety of the residents after the completion of the open area. Yes, with the continuous upgrade of security industry technology, security products have been down the altars, the early reform and opening up the hold thousands of security products has been replaced by a consumer security products. In recent years, along with the rapid development of national economy, security products have been completely within ten thousand yuan within consumers to bear. Policy of positive plus consumers focus on the concept of security and strong purchasing power, security industry will usher in another spring of development, so to speak.

There are many kinds of security products, access control, monitoring, security, etc, and as an ordinary consumer, choose a practical strong, and at the same time, enough to ensure the safety of home security products is the most concerned about. After the completion of open area, security doors for most family security, "the last line of defense, equipped with fingerprint anti-theft lock unlock function of fingerprint naturally be the first choice of the consumers.

Fingerprint anti-theft lock is a kind of through the body's fingerprints to identify the high-tech smart locks, it perfectly combined with electronic technology, mechanical technology and computer technology, the electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system of two parts. Fingerprint anti-theft lock core parts including main board and the clutch to fingerprint readers, attach a unique password technology and microprocessor (CPU) and the intelligent emergency key several big core part. But in terms of fingerprint anti-theft lock, chip is the most important part of the role is equivalent to the heart of the human body, so, the chip the degree recognition, fingerprint anti-theft lock is directly related to security.

Anti-theft lock fingerprint with the fingerprint with uniqueness and an replication, once launched, it get consumers eagerly sought after, again after users use inspection, found that more than one thousand yuan in high-grade fingerprint anti-theft lock is technical opening rate is only about one over ten million, to firmly establish the fingerprint anti-theft lock in safety lock kind of list of the top position.

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