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Sauna lock factory will teach you how to quickly set up and use sauna lock

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Sauna lock factory will teach you how to quickly set up and use sauna lock

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Sauna lock is a kind of induction card lock, mainly for the locker and store content ark, widely used in hot spring, SPA, gym, gym, swimming pool, water park, factory and other places.

Main functions:

1, single, double open mode is adjustable.

2, 2, level 3 management mode: card card, service card, a guest card, manager

3, card: used to configure and delete manager card, the waiter card and guest card, can also be used to make the door key (master key, also can open all the door of the cabinet, please safekeeping)

4, the manager card: all have permission to open the cabinet door key (general), and general managers

5, the waiter card and guest card: use only used to open the door.

6, the power converter box: batteries can be used under the condition of external electrical box, open cupboard door

7, automatic alarm: illegal the door will automatically alarm, to prevent theft

8 and low pressure alarm: under the condition of electricity shortage will automatically alarm

9, sauna lock compatible sauna management software, the realization of IC card consumer services, improve the work efficiency, to charge more convenient and faster.

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