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High-end intelligent become mainstream locks into development

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High-end intelligent become mainstream locks into development

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In the past, the electronic lock, fingerprint lock industry in our country still stay in low level stage of development, the market are mainly composed of low price competition, enterprises usually use a kung fu in the low-end products. But with the change of market trend in recent years, intelligent, environmental protection, energy conservation has become a new consumption concept, the personage inside course of study, said: "from the point of market trend in recent years, intelligent and environmental protection, energy saving hardware products more and more get the favor of consumers. China's high-end electronic lock, fingerprint lock products market space is very large, particularly the growth trend of top product, compared with 2010, 2011, the growth rate is very high. The user also from top international five-star hotel, is extended to a person of extraordinary powers curtilage of positioning high-end residential projects." Thus, the high-end hardware products market potential is tremendous. The author found that, in the process of visiting the market more and more high-end intelligent locks, price range from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Many hardware locks dealers also revealed that high-grade locks gradually become the mainstream of hardware locks. On the one hand, high-end locks high technology content, more prominent human nature, personalized features, in consumer demand. On the other hand, high technology content of products, has a high profit, merchants natural look good. "Baptism" after the 2008 financial crisis, many locks enterprises deeply realize that only improving product technology content, promote products, increase product added value, in order to gain a foothold in this market. At present, the technology content high intelligent lock, including combination lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock because of its convenience, unique and gradually mature technology, has gradually won the recognition of high-end customers; And USES the biological recognition technology of fingerprint lock, more due to the uniqueness of fingerprints, no copy, easy to carry, don't forget, missing features, has a more broad market prospect.

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