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How to choose a differential electronic lock?

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How to choose a differential electronic lock?

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Because now more household electronic lock is the induction is given priority to, so in this induction lock is introduced.

First, select the electronic lock to see whether the appearance is suitable for your decoration, surface treatment is fine, what material is made of, had better choose stainless steel die casting, but induction zone is can't be metal, because the induction area not metal, so the induction area should choose to use plastic engineering plastics as well (its hardness and metal), time is zinc alloy, plastic more or not to recommend lock installed on the door, the principle of people want to know. Is between the lock body again, this is very important, do you want to see if the thickness of the lock body minimum installation size and your door fit, not suitable for don't buy.

Furthermore is his opening is the international standard, now with the international standard and the standard of two kinds of lock body opening way, the benefits of using international standards are easy to find help in your door opening engineering personnel and equipment, convenient installation you just the way they are. When buy should pay attention to see if there are with electronic lock management system, how to operate? To miss sales, to teach you on the spot and their operation are appropriate, the best system is embedded on the lock, because many other equipment installation, the first is easy to lose the second long time don't have to be more or less problems, the third installation of other equipment, the connection between the device and lock is also our ordinary people can't understand it. In lock management can waive these problems directly, system to understand is the induction card, want to ask how the card price, how to buy, pad man is a few to ask clear, as well as after-sales problem, electronic lock, I think it important to after-sales he relationship between my door security.

Also, be sure to have mechanical keys, this is important, if there are any special circumstances, mechanical keys is how important. Led led finally, if the developer has to your door with the electronic lock, you should pay attention to: 1, installation is firm, shakes. 2, lock and lock the door if smooth. 3, whether the battery is new or not. 4, virtual is the door shut or pressure into the lock tongue will report to the police. 5, how to match the door card to understand myself. 6, reset the door lock system, with a card again. 7, mechanical keys is complete. Other will you ask more think more, look at the site response.

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