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Intelligent induction lock will appear what fault

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Intelligent induction lock will appear what fault

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1, the door with the guest card ring 4.

A: check the lock, to confirm whether the micro switch is damaged, if the floor card open ring 4, please make sure the door is locked, (only the guest card, general control card, emergency card to open the locked door).

2, 5 card to open the door rang.

A: usually this phenomenon appeared on the die erste installation of door lock, due to door lock mode or no mode success, lock the correct mode method is: give every lock, brush authorization card first, then brush the clock card, the last is corresponding to the apartment room number set card, note: to ensure that locked inside the clock accurate, clock card has 10 minute time limit, once the card is successful, please go to door charge) as soon as possible.

3, open a door with the guest card, red light, on the lock ring 6.

A: the guest room number error, this phenomenon is generally due to brush the wrong room number card mode locks, only need to send a card with corresponding to the apartment room number set to lock on the brush.

4, the guest card to open the door ring 7.

A: chaos inside the lock time, time set within the calibration card lock time.

5, mode locks, brush ring 10 authorization card.

A: even with a mechanical key to open the door, 5 in the reauthorization can.

6, enter the induction software tip: "serial connection fails, please contact with the developers.

A: please make sure the connection card machine serial port is correct, or serial port has been bad.

7, enter the software prompts: "system error - 202."

Answer: the registration code error.

8, enter the IC software tip: "system error - 1015 Device unavailable."

A: connect card machine serial port is wrong, or serial port has been bad.

9, IC software at the time of issuing hint: "the card cannot be used as the guest card", and query the card tip: "card machine error".

A: first of all, please confirm whether in the IC card, if you are operating correctly, is the holder of the IC card machine has been bad.

Ten, open the IC software when tip: "no current record"

A: please check whether the installation file to be deleted or lost, reinstall the software system.

11, distributing the guest card IC software tip: "please enter the correct check-in time.

A: the computer time format, the correct time format should be for the year - month - day.

12, hairpin tip: "system error - 129"

Answer: a bad card or credit card, you can take a few more CARDS to try, if all the CARDS in this kind of situation, then the credit card machine is bad, if only one or two card tips are this two card is bad.

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