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"To be an army, a school, a family"is the tenet of JIEAN in developing enterprise culture.

We are an army, with discipline, standard procedure,with highly efficient executive ability.

Sales team is an public servant of enterprise.WE went out early and came back at dark with efforts for enterprise and clients.


JIEAN is a school,you can feel learning atmosphere in everywhere.

Management personnel, technical personnel, sewing worker put much thoughts into quality everyday. They even have a discussion during the lunch time,they all know,"You will be eliminated if don't work".

JIEAN managerment hopes that they can improve ability and thoughts who work in JIEAN, "We must be responable for them to make them leave good impression in JIEAN"


JIEAN is a family, with 200 workers.You will see that all of workers are so pround of JIEAN and how much they love each other.JIEAN has own dinning room and dorm.You can hear cheer everyday when they take off.

We have been donation for the poor and society. With managerment word :"These activities gave them a help,and strengthen the business cohesion to be lofty sentiments in thoughts.

Just because there is so much love in managerment thoughts so that achieve that thoughts in JIEAN.We help clients in the market,we help workmates in work,we help relatives in family,"Help" in heart and thoughts deeply.